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Skin of the human beings is an essential part. It defends the skin from microbes and the elements. It also assists in regulating body temperature. The color of the skin is made by Melanocytes that are located in Epidermis. It may comprise nutrition, defending of sun light and suitable use of emollients. In this type of practices, cosmetics, botuilinum etc. are included. Skin care is the daily routine process. There are various skin conditions are found such as rash, dermatitis,
eczema, Acne, skin Abscess, Rosacea etc. By taking care of skin you can assist in defending your skin from future problems such as wrinkles and skin cancer.
There are varied types of skin treatments that include acne, scars, age spots, sagging skin. Skin care includes a number of practices that are used to treat the varied skin conditions that may include dry, patchy, and oily and mixture. A good skin care will not only make your skin healthy but also builds confidence inyourself. It assists in rejuvenate the mind also. We all know that skin is the most essential part of a person’s body.
We deliver top rated skin treatment that is treated by Ayurvedic doctor for skin treatment in Dhkoli, Derabassi and Zirakpur. Our service is also getting popular as we are providing best skin treatment to the people with Ayurvedic medicines. We are here to give you best curing therapies that help the people in making their skin fit. Many people have taken skin treatment from us and they get satisfied through our best service. We treat with Ayurvedic medicine that will assist you in providing good skin. We have highly qualified doctors who will help in treating your any type of skin problems and also provide its better solution regarding this. We will assist in getting rid from it. Different types of people have varied skin conditions. So, don’t worry about that you can come freely to our clinic or you can contact us through our website.


The Science Of Ayurveda is based on cleansing the body of its Doshas (vata pitta and kapha). We recommend personalized and 360 degree treatment of various body ailments aimed at cleaning the body from inside out , using our combination of medicines, yoga, Panchkarma and change in lifestyle. 


RHM Ayurveda sources all its ingredients from natural Organic farms and they are tested for purity and consistency before being made to use. Ayurveda has always derived inspiration from nature and our philosophy remains bound to elements of nature. 

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