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Ancient Science Of Ayurveda Infused With Natural Products Derived by RHM AYURVEDA Team

RHM AYURVEDA CLINIC is Counted amongst the renowned Ayurvedic Clinics in North India. Situated at Dhakoli, Zirakpur (Pb). our medical setup is working under the professional supervision of Founder Director Dr. Anita Chuttani practicing the ancient medical science of Ayurveda. Having many years of expertise in this domain of medical expertise, Dr. Anita has attended countless patients. 

We not only provide Ayurvedic Consultation for various diseases but also bring to the table high quality, organic & natural products formulated by best ingredients the nature has to offer.

Our Mission

Through delivery by passionate & well qualified partners & staff who are professional, friendly and highly motivated.

Supported by outstanding facilities, class services and exploiting the latest technology and by traditional means.

Natural treatments at their very best are being practiced.

Anticipating and responding to clients requirements and exceeding their expectations.


The Science Of Ayurveda is based on cleansing the body of its Doshas (vata pitta and kapha). We recommend personalized and 360 degree treatment of various body ailments aimed at cleaning the body from inside out , using our combination of medicines, yoga, Panchkarma and change in lifestyle. 


RHM Ayurveda sources all its ingredients from natural Organic farms and they are tested for purity and consistency before being made to use. Ayurveda has always derived inspiration from nature and our philosophy remains bound to elements of nature. 

Our Team

Dr. Anita Chuttani

B.A.M.S (Chandigarh)
PGDYN (Chandigarh)

Dr. Anita  began her practice in 2012. She earned her degree from  Punjab University Chandigarh & Diploma in Naturopathy  & Yoga and also obtained practical training Certificate in Panchkarma Therapy.

 She is specialist in chronic diseases treatment as well as life style related disorders. She also take interest in conducting, teaching program & Camps in Ayurvedic wellness & Panchkarma to remain healthy in life. 

Mr. Dhiraj

Head, Business Operations

Mr. Dhiraj is Co-Founder & CEO of RHM Ayurveda. He is a sales & Marketing professional having more than 15 years of experience in wellness consumer industry. With his futuristic vision and entrepreneurship skills, RHM Ayurveda is touching new heights in ayurveda wellness industry worldwide. 

All business
operation, rolling out Promotional activities , marketing strategies are looked after by him.

Your Health is Our Concern

Bring Home the natural Product for your ailment/disease and feel the difference.

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